Laura Mayhem and I decided to film the Hardcore Mayhem Limo Ride to a Miami Nightclub where we were headed to shoot our very first HXCM video to be released. Who would have ever thought that the ride there would have fulfilled most of our filming needs for the night. Of course, when heading to a Miami club, you have to arrive in style so we called the first limousine company we could find. Boy, they must regret coming to pick us up till this day. I bet there were many new ruled they created for their passengers. We looked these guys up online and there was a piece of paper we printed out with their terms attached. There were many rules that we knew we’d be breaking but it didn’t matter. This is the HXCM crew we’re talking about here.

The day started with drinks, lots of drinks, as we waited for everyone to show up at our house. At the time I was living with Laura Mayhem which is a whole other story in itself. During the day, I was working for an adult entertainment company so of course we also decided to invite some of the porn stars to come out and party with us. When Tony arrived, it was one of the first times he was really going to party hard in our presence and kept talking about how he could hang. I told him to watch how much he drank but he wanted to show us he was wearing our big boy pants and started drinking from around 3pm when we did, all the way up until around midnight when we decided to finally leave the house to head down to Miami. I believe he even took a full Xanax bar from someone who was there in order to “Fit in” I guess. Who knows? But it was a horrible Idea. Drinking would have probably been enough. When you mix in medication that can completely knock your ass out the first time you take it, it would have been smarter to take a very small amount instead of a full one. In a cynical way, I’m kind of glad he did. It turned out to be a night filled with madness and that was a perfect start to what turned out to be a blurry night filled with craziness.

In this video you’ll see most of the stuff that happened in the limo that night including someone vomiting all over themselves and then getting vomited on, and then getting pissed on. See for yourself. Most people probably wouldn’t believe this night happened unless they saw it for themselves. Yeah, it’s fucking nasty. But I don’t think we would have had it any other way.

At the end of the night, the Limo driver was ready to leave us in Miami. He certainly didn’t want us getting back into his vehicle. He was yelling and screaming for us to come grab all our stuff out of the limo, where some people were already passed out, and we had to offer him more money to take us back home. By the time we finally got taken back, we had already paid him somewhere around $1000 and he was still asking for more. Since we denied it, he called the police on us. I wish we could have gotten that on tape but unfortunately the cameras were already put away by the time the cops arrived. Luckily, the police officer that showed up recognized me and told the Limo driver that he already got enough money from us and to stop trying to extort more from us. He left all pissed off. I guess you can say a bit pissed on as well.

Here are a few photos we took while getting ready for the big night out:

If you would like to see all of the photos we took while getting ready, check out the fully Hardcore Mayhem Limo Night Photo Gallery here.

Here’s the crazy ass video from the night, Enjoy!

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