Hardcore Mayhem

So you want to see some Hardcore Mayhem!? Being on and off tour with my band, Deadstar Assembly has exposed me to many things that most people would never believe. I began video taping many of our parties and friends doing crazy stuff and this is where I post the Hardcore Mayhem for the world to see. Here on HardcoreMayhem.com You will see a lot of stuff that is hilarious and daring along with a lot of people doing stuff that will keep you entertained for hours! I have come across many musicians that have inspired me as I was growing up and have had the chance to party with some of the coolest people I never thought I’d befriend. It’s awesome to be able to look back at all of the funny videos, some of which include nights that we don’t even remember! There are also photo galleries of hot goth girls who have hung out with and partied with the crew of Hardcore Mayhem. This site is my opportunity to expose some of the live music of not only my band, but others that we have had the luck to tour with and shoot. This whole thing started from an old idea that one of my best friends at the time, Laura Mayhem, came up with when trying to decide some ways to document everything that was happening in our lives at the time. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as we enjoyed being there to shoot them!

and i am,
The Dro

Hardcore Mayhem Original 2005 Promo

Check out the free Promo we released in 2005 to show off some of the crazy clips featured in the HXCM tapes.
One day we will create a new video promo for the DVD which shows PT2 of the Madness.